WikiXMLDB provides a way of querying Wikipedia with XQuery. We have parsed Wikipedia content into well-structured XML representation, loaded it into Sedna XML database and implemented an XQuery Web interface.

WikiXMLDB demo allows you to:

  1. Run predefined XQuery queries
  2. Write your XQueries


Wikipedia is the largest publicly available encyclopedia on the Web and the largest knowledge base ever created. It is a universal source of knowledge on nearly all topics of human knowledge including niche topics that are almost never covered by standard encyclopedias. It also turns out that Wikipedia is kept up-to-date - often new facts and events appear inside Wikipedia minutes after they become publicly known. And while there have been some arguments about the quality of Wikipedia articles in comparison to established encyclopedias, it is clear that the quality of peer-reviewed articles written by a very large community of authors is very high in comparison to generic content on the Web.

With all the benefits that Wikipedia promises, it is not easy to use it off-the-shelf in applications. While Wikipedia is available for download in an XML format, individual articles are formatted in a proprietary wiki format. So the most interesting uses of Wikipedia in applications are still locked behind the access troubles.

Here is where WikiXMLDB comes to the rescue. We have parsed the entire English Wikipedia content into XML representation (its total size is about 44GB), loaded it into Sedna and provided a query interface to it. Now you can dissect individual articles, rip out abstracts, sections, links, infoboxes and other components. Or you can combine pieces of existing documents into new XML documents and convert them to web pages with XSLT for example. And you can do it all using the standard W3C XQuery Language. So finally you can start enriching your content with data from Wikipedia and unlock its power for your applications.

WikiXMLDB demo is deployed on Amazon EC2 and runs on the virtual computer with restricted resources. To achieve better performance and do unlimited customization, you can run WikiXMLDB on your computer.

Feedback and Support

Your feedback is welcome. Email us at sedna@ispras.ru. We hope you enjoy the demo and will use Sedna and WikiXMLDB in your projects!